Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Speak English, Sorry

Weird days on the homestead. We have been battling long work days and long work weeks, the countdown to the end of school, finals and the money crunch. Last week the toilet broke and I did all I could to fix it, to no avail we need a new one. On top of that the leak in the toilet created mold and ruined the carpet. So that was all torn out. Fortunately we know someone who knows someone and we are getting the bathrooms tiled!!! Yes we have two that are actually back to back and when one leaked the carpet on the other side of the wall got wet too.

The catch is that the tile people are from China and only speak Mandarin. Out friend was here the other day to tell them what we needed and haggle a good price (which we got). But now they are here and I am slowly learning how to speak slow, loud and with wild gestures. It is actually working out and the main guy, after we figured out we needed one more bag or grout and 2 bags of thin set (took a while to get that one) he said, Sorry No Speak English. I told him (hopefully he understood) No Problem you OK, thank you! He smiled....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Today is the day we remember the fallen of this great country of ours. Please think of them while spending time at the beach, on the deck, with family or at work (like me). It is the real reason most of you have a three day weekend...

Thank you

Thursday, May 22, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear May,

You blow! You have given me so much work this month, it is killing me. Three more days and I am free!!!!! Indy 500 here I come!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back Burn...

Had some troubles sleeping the last few nights. The back and shoulders hurt and I am peeling already.

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day (if you're a mother) and that you were catered to and did nothing the whole day.

That is what we did. Woke up late and enjoyed some couch time. The wife did nothing but relax and recover from the sun poisoning. Otherwise a nice day and then dinner and Survivor night at my parents!

I cannot believe who won. I so thought it would be Amanda, she played such a great game, how the heck can Parv win? I think this was the best Survivor in a very long time!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back Again...

Well the flight was good (upgraded again) and we got in last night at 8ish. Picked up the boy and had a nice quiet dinner at home. The dog was very happy to see us and we her. Spent some time with the boy, talked about the week and had a nice night.

The trip was fantastic. I did nothing on several day, absolutely nothing!!! And it was fantastic. A very different experience for me to have nothing to do, I really enjoyed it...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vacation Days 3 and 4

Well we got burnt on the beach! But that was OK. We did pool side in the morning, a nice buffet lunch and then spa time. I got the Swedish massage for an hour and it was awesome!!!!!! Then back down to the beach for a little more sun and sand and waves.

Thursday night was the Dine Around. We picked a nice local restraunt and we went with 2 other couples. The food was fantastic, I had the $60 NY Strip and the wife had the rack of lamb. Incredible!!!!!! Without drinks the bill was $600 and the company picked that up. I also had the Key Lime Pie, hey we are in southern Florida right!!!!!

Friday was lazy day. Slept in, a nice breakfast and then off to the beach. That is where we burned again (think we would have learned the first time!!) After lunch I went into the ocean (1pm) and came out when the wives wanted to go to the pool (5:30pm). So after 4.5 hours in the water not only was I a prune but a lobster as well. We hit the pool and ordered drink at the pool bar. I always wanted to order and have a drink while swimming, and I did (a Dirty Banana, pretty cool).

Dress up time for the awards and dinner. The wife was beautiful in a nice summer dress, me in dress shorts and black Cuban shirt. The wife got an award for being in the top 10% of sales in the company (they have branches in 5 states) and after a nice meal and some dancing we all got ripped and headed down to the beach.

I awoke a little sore today but am not ready to go home as we finished packing a few minutes ago...

Pics in time...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vaction Day Two....

Flight was great, we upgraded to business class, very nice, free alcohol!!!!

Got the the resort and headed immediately to the beach. Spent the rest of the day there with the wife's co-workers. Did I mention this was an all expenses paid vacation? The wife was a top sales person at the bank and won this trip. We pay for nothing!!!! After the beach we went to the room for awhile and unpacked and got ready for dinner. It was a welcome Clam Bake, all the steak, lobster (whole lobster) and clams one could eat, plus open bar. It was all on the beach and was incredible. After dinner we went to the ballroom for some high stakes BINGO. Yes, BINGO with 6 games, prizes ranging from $150 to $2500. We won nothing, but had fun and some fantastic desserts (and open bar). We passed out around 11, I think.

Slept in and caught the end of the breakfast buffet (mushroom and tomato omlet and yogurt parfait). Then off to the pool for 2 hours of doing NOTHING. This is something new for me. And I enjoyed it. After that, a nice walk, a quick lunch and then off to the spa for an hour massage!!!!! Yes we were pampered. Now in the room relaxing, napping and waiting for our dinner at a 5 star place tonight with another couple.

Tomorrow.......beach, pool, food, and no scheduled activities!!! I have not worn my watch or cell phone since we got here!


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

On vacation

In Florida, Fort Myers, just the wife and I, no kid........first time in 15 years!!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Blast From The Past

I am on Facebook and mySpace and all those other sites. Mainly because I like doing Beta tests and then lose interest and usually do not go back (mySpace). Facebook holds a little more interest as a lot of the boys from my Scout Troop are my 'friends' and send me stuff all the time. I get a lot of friend requests but I usually ignore them if I do not know them personally (I guess people ask friends of friends to be friends increasing their numbers).

So I have been ignoring this one person a few times as I did not know her and figured it was either a spam/porn site or just someone out fishing. Finally I got the friend request from her but this time she added a detailed note of an intimate moment only two people know about, me and the person I was with and apparently this 'friend' was that person!!

I confirmed her as a friend and sent her an email. She was my first serious girlfriend and after we broke up I have not heard from her (20 years ago). And now we are Facebook is a strange new world we live in!